Horses stand patiently in early morning mist as the days shorten. The old red barn is dry under overhanging trees, stacked with hay piled upon hay, and smells of remembered sunshine.  A tumble of orange pumpkins shine from a gloomy corner.  Outside I am surrounded by a blanket of moisture that mutes everything, and even the cicadas are quiet.  Spider-webs are luminescent with small drops of water threaded as carefully as the pearls on a necklace.  Somewhere in the distance the sound of a truck.

lost years
only the pines are constant
in my memory

© Maureen Sudlow

28 thoughts on “SEASONAL III

  1. I can smell the remembered sunshine and hear the silence of the old red barn ~ Only the pines are constant, like nature ~ You brought me along in your journey ~

    Thanks for joining us Maureen ~ I have edited your link to the actual blog post itself ~

  2. You have given us details we can picture….and, in the haiku, isn’t it interesting some time what things stay in our memories as if they happened just yesterday. Welcome to dVerse!

  3. What a wonderful, sense-filled haibun. I loved the old, red barn smelling of remembered sunshine and the spider webs strung with droplets of pearls…just delightful in its peace and the feeling of a changing season.
    Gayle ~

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