Don’t forget I still have some copies of my poetry book ‘Antipodes’ available – and it contains some of my photography as well.  This is what Mary Kendall had to say about ‘Antipodes’:

This book, Antipodes, is by Maureen Sudlow from New Zealand, one of my favorite places in the world. She captures the beauty and mystery of that gorgeous country as well as the powerful imagery she is known for. Her poems range from dealing with grief to pure humor in a dog poem. I spent this morning reading and rereading this lovely collection. You will see why. One of my favorites is Threnody:
Threnody (by Maureen Sudlow)
We lifted your coffin.
You were light,
already missing,
the husk of a seed
winnowed by wind.
But when I held
in my hands
the ashes
of sinew, blood, and bone
that once defined
the limits of your life,
my arms were stretched
with the weight
of my grief

antipodes cover one

…plus I hope to have a follow-up volume published this year.  I you would like a copy email me on sudrm at xtra.co.nz – or check out my Antipodes page.


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