echoes of the past
where shearers stood
and sheep stamped hooves
on the sturdy wood
of the shed

the slow decline
when the farm was sold
and the wool prices dropped
and the dust devils rolled
through the valley

but someone is painting
the ancient walls
patching the roof
against the squalls
that blow in from the sea

and the old shed breathes again

© Maureen Sudlow

2 thoughts on “RETURNING

  1. Beautiful! Years ago now I stood in a huge barn on a friend’s sheep ranch and watched the Basque shearers cut the wool from his flock – some 700 ewes . . . An absolutely extraordinary experience! The sheer strength of the workmen, the smell of the lanolin in the wool, the naked bodies of the freshly shorn sheep . . . You bring back such memories . . . Thank you!

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