Just back from Australia.  Great stay but extremely hot for a couple of kiwis.  We arrived in Esperance at the same time as the bush fires, and my photos just can’t show the heat (40-41 degrees C), the wind, and the blackness of the sky as the fires raged.  Total tragedy for many residents of the hard-hit areas.


traveling in the searing heat
of a dusty red land
smoke shrouds the horizon
darkening the sea
fires out of control
across the scrub
ravaging the wheat-fields
driven by furnace winds
we wonder if tomorrow
we’ll be able to leave

© Maureen Sudlow

At times the cruise ship in the harbour was almost totally hidden by smoke.

16 thoughts on “FIRE

  1. I’m familiar with such fires as the area in eastern Washington where I fish was an inferno much of July-August . . . I remember being surrounded on three sides by fire! Definitely the time to pull anchor and go home! Glad you’re safe & sound back at home again . . . I liked your verse . . .

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