Wild turkeys by the road
and wild peacocks too
but the peacocks are so wary
it’s hard to get a view.

The turkeys have far fewer qualms.
I really don’t know why;
there’s not a lot of diff’rence
between peacock or turkey pie.

I stood beside the busy road
as they fled across the grass
and though I had the zoom on full
my photos are a farce.

They had their tails hidden.
I couldn’t find them with the lens
and I’m beginning to suspect
that they were all pea-hens…

…or something like that!

© Maureen Sudlow

14 thoughts on “NOT MY DAY…

  1. My dear Maureen, loved the word play, one has to have a sense of humor in these times don’t you think ? And so apropos, Thanksgiving, Haha ? Never thought about turkeys down under ! You manage to make me smile more. Sincerely, Claire B.

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