3 thoughts on “HONEY EATERS

  1. I think we may be about to find out! Not sure in Down Under the bees are dying off at the same rate as they are up here where they have a virus that is doing them in . . . Love to see them working in my garden!

    • We do have a problem here as well, which is why I love it when my garden is buzzing. It does seem that the bumble bee is not affected to the same extent. We need to be very careful about what sprays we use in our garden

      • We use no chemicals on our garden, either in fertilizers or insecticides . . . We vigorously rotate all our crops so as to give back what last was taken, and we compost every thing from the hen house to the kitchen sink . . . This time of the year I have no room left in the compost bins for the pulled up plants of the end of season garden! May just roll out some black plastic and see what happens by March when we start planting again . . . What fun!

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