1. All are beautiful, but 2 and 3 remind me more of the Mystic River area where I grew up, as seen from the River Road side where I used to walk frequently. Hard to choose between 2 and 3, but I am partial to sunset/sunrise.

  2. I like the third by far best. I like the first, but it seems a bit blurry on my screen, which I think would nag over time. And the second suffers from a lack of a visual center, although it too is a gorgeous scene. The third has a wonderful composition, amazing color and a wonderful interplay between the foreground and the sunset.

  3. I always admire your photos. I like the third here best. In the first, the focus is human activity. In the second, it is nature. In the third, it seems God and His handiwork. Just my two cents, of course.

  4. My dear Maureen, have you chosen by now ? Which ever one it is must be important for you to reach out like this. I’d opt for three for myself but all are lovely and touching ! God bless. How peaceful, Claire B.

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