cold river morning

still waters

Click to enlarge. (by the way, not sure how the rest of you feel, but I’m not happy with the new way posts are presented in my reader.  I suspect it is affecting the statistics and how people are viewing our blogs – what do you think?)

25 thoughts on “STILL WATERS

      • I don’t get a lot of traffic to begin with, so I haven’t noticed a change yet.. I get a few blips when I post once a month , which tails off until about 4 weeks later, when some people check back. I just posted, so I have a few more than usual.

  1. I think it’s the weather, too cold or hot, too wet, too dry. It is true that WordPress changes are hard to get used to. I still use the old way of writing posts.

  2. The reader doesn’t make an impact on my viewing, even if they make changes. I don’t know about NZ, but things slow way down here. It’s summer, kids are out of school, and families are on the move. People are headed for the beach, the lake, etc. I need to get my hubby up so we can go, too. But I’m happy to stop by! Have a great week ahead. XOXO

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