2 thoughts on “AKAROA

  1. Beautiful . . . Were the hills once forested? Or have they always been bare but for the brush and what look to be scrub oaks . . . Is the water a harbor of the sea? Or the estuary of a river? The dock and the buildings look so welcoming, similar to many little harbors on Puget Sound where I live . . . Again, simply beautiful . . . ‘holding the skirts of the sea to their cliffs’ is a wonderful line . . .

  2. The hills were once around 87 percent covered with native bush, but were burnt off by both Maori and Pakeha. There are now conservation areas where the bush is regenerating. The hills are part of ancient volcanoes that now form Banks Peninsula. The area where we were staying is a long inlet of the sea. It is a beautiful place…

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