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You give me songs to strengthen my heart
hold back the darkness when courage is gone
when fear and dismay would tear me apart
the words and the song lead me on
Music has power to lighten the load
your light shows the path travelling home
My voice may falter as I travel this road
but your voice sings a love that is strong.
A counter to tears and humanity’s hate
the poor and the lame who throng on the way
you gave us light in the form of your Son
who brings hope in the heat of the day.

Pilgrims walk on though the road may be long
Rapture is there at the end of the song.

© Kiwiskan

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gathering the threads
across the miles
sharing the love
sharing the smiles
hand to hand

Whangarei tapestry3

Whangarei tapestry2

This is an inspirational project celebrating Whangarei, and celebrating tapestry weaving.  Members of the community, and visitors, are encouraged to take a hand in the weaving as it progresses.  The cartoon is shown below, and you can see that the project is nearing its end.  I was lucky enough to be able to weave a couple of picks on my birthday.

Whangarei tapestry