The Nikau berries are out below the deck, and the wood pigeons are back feasting. This one was watching the dog through the window so I couldn’t go out on the deck without scaring it away. Of necessity, therefore, I had to take photos through my rather dirty windows. They are such beautiful big birds.


18 thoughts on “WATCHING ME, WATCHING YOU…

  1. The pigeon looks very healthy!
    Watching Me, Watching You….probably close to what I was thinking when I wrote about birds watching people watching birds. It appears that birds are interested in looking at us too. They probably go home and talk about us, just like we talk about them— “Oh! I saw the most interesting human today…rather small, with colorful red lips and brown hair…..”

      • Well done Bert! My Jack sometimes barks at the blackbirds; he doesn’t quite get what they are about or why they come into his territory. But he is no danger to them and they know it!

  2. Through the window or not this a wonderful image. I love Keruru. Bring very warm clothes to Wellington – the air is very cold. The sun is shining today but outside it icy….typical of Wellytown.

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