I see you still
stooped, in your garden
as the night falls around you
but when I reach out
you are already leaving

what happens
when the heart has gone
from a garden
from the bee-buzzing sweetness
of the flowers

further than daylight
wheat fields stretch
to a darkening sky
a man and his dog
going home

this morning
I stood on the hill
as the sun rose
and a late Morepork
called your name


These things I hold sacred
the right of children to be fed
the right of a man to earn his bread
the right of the elderly
to sleep in the sun, without fear
the right of all life to be cherished

© Maureen Sudlow

sun rising


Back from a walk by the river, and I think there might be kereru in the loquat, but when I get there with my camera they burst out in a flurry of loud flapping and take refuge in a nearby tree. Never mind – I’ll share a few photos from my walk instead.

windy day, and the kereru
are plundering the loquats, again
my washing is trying to break free
and there’s dust rising over the river

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