- at last, some sunshine

Monarch resting

I always admire people who get great shots of butterflies.  Somehow they just seem to fly away when I get my camera out.  I found two Monarchs on the grass in the garden yesterday, doing what Monarchs do, and to keep my dog from attempting to gobble them up I carefully picked them up and put them inside a fenced garden enclosure.  They seemed totally unphased so I rushed inside to get my camera.  Of course when I got back they were doing lazy loops above my head – so this photo is all I managed.

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Tane’s children
of mist and mountain
haunt of birdsong

echoes of birdsong

photo from my lovely daughter. 

In Māori mythology, Tāne (also called Tāne Mahuta, Tāne nui a Rangi, and several other names) is the god of forests and of birds, and the son of Ranginui and Papatuanuku, the sky father and the earth mother, who lie in a tight embrace.