Easter Sunday

I know that Christ has risen
the stone was rolled away.
The women saw the empty tomb
wherein the grave-clothes lay.

His followers all hid in fear
when it seemed that He was lost.
They stayed within the upper rooms
to count the awful cost.

Even Peter had denied Him
and doubted what was said
when the women rushed back to them
and cried ‘Christ is not dead’.

But something made those frightened men
speak out and risk their all
to spread the resurrection news
‘Christ is not dead at all’.

And the thing that made the difference
was they saw with their own eyes
the risen, resurrected Christ
uplifted to the skies.

…and that’s my prayer for you this Easter…may you meet with the risen Christ.


Bert has pretty much managed to destroy his first bed, so we’re hoping this one will be tough enough to last for a while…

Berts bed

He’s got a new toy that makes the most magnificent noises, and on Thursday he went over to Dogzone in Whangarei and had a great time socializing with other dogs.  He’s  always been a hyperactive little dog but he seems to be calming down a bit now.  He still gets far too excited with visitors though.